If your holiday plans involve boarding an airplane, the process just got a little easier. A special security line for people with disabilities is now available at all of the nation’s airports.

The line is meant to lessen the rush for passengers who may need more time or attention. It is called the “Family/Medical Liquids Lane” and is indicated by a green sign. Passengers in wheelchairs skip to the front of the security line and go directly to the special line. All other travelers wait in the traditional line but once nearing the metal detectors, travelers choose whether or not they want to use the special line or one of the regular ones. More details can be found by clicking here.

“What we’ve seen in the airports with family lanes is a decrease in the number of alarms because people have more time to double check their items,” says Jon Allen, a spokesperson for the TSA. “They don’t have to feel like they’re holding anyone else up or like they’re keeping someone who’s in a hurry.”

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Allen recommends preparing before you arrive at the airport. Information for travelers with special needs can be found by clicking here.