President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2010 includes increased funds for employment assistance for people with disabilities as well as autism research and awareness, among other programs.

The White House released full details of the president’s approximately $3.5 trillion budget proposal this week, which includes $17 billion in cuts. The budget must now pass through Congress before going into effect October 1.

The budget proposal includes:

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• IDEA: $11.5 billion for special education. Coupled with stimulus funds already set aside for 2010, total federal spending on special education is slated to reach nearly $16 billion.

• Autism: $211 million which includes more than $140 million for autism research funded through the National Institutes of Health. In addition, Obama wants $22 million to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitor and improve early diagnosis and $48 million for the government to increase autism awareness.

• Employment: An increase of $10 million for the Office of Disability Employment Policy at the U.S. Department of Labor.

• Mental health: $125 million to provide mental health care to kids and teens with emotional disorders.

• Social Security: $11.6 billion to decrease the backlog of disability claims at the Social Security Administration.

• Civil Rights: $145 million to increase the number of attorneys handling civil rights cases at the U.S. Department of Justice.

• Miscellaneous funds: $8 million for Centers for Independent Living and other programs benefiting those with disabilities.

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