An Oregon couple is suing after their daughter was born with Down syndrome despite doctors telling them that a test “definitively ruled out” the disorder.

Deborah and Ariel Levy say they would have aborted the child had they known she would have Down syndrome. Now they are seeking over $14 million to cover the cost of raising their daughter and meeting her educational and medical needs for life. Further, the suit seeks damages for the emotional toll that having a child with a disability has taken on the couple and their relationship and the loss of income they’ve experienced as a result.

While the Levys say they are committed to supporting their daughter, who is now 2-years-old, they feel wronged.

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Less than 10 lawsuits of this nature are filed across the country each year, experts say. And they raise some tricky issues. Parents must be willing to publicly say that their child is an unwanted burden and courts must wrestle with the question of whether or not a child should exist, reports The Oregonian. To read more click here.

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