Autism seems to have little in common with anorexia. After all, people with autism tend to shun social interaction while those with anorexia seem completely absorbed with securing outside approval. Yet, scientists say, the two disorders could share genetic roots.

Why? Researchers point to the commonalities among people with the two diagnoses. Both tend to exhibit obsessive behaviors and difficulty with change. Tic disorders are also common in both sets of people. And, there has shown to be overlap. As many as 15 to 20 percent of people with anorexia also have Asperger’s syndrome. Further, the two disorders appear common within the same families.

One theory is that anorexia and autism hail from the same genetic predisposition that reflects itself differently in boys and girls since autism is more common in boys and anorexia is more often found in girls, reports Time Magazine. To read more click here.

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