When a Vermont teen with autism completed the academic requirements to graduate from high school, he assumed he would walk at graduation with his peers. But not so fast, said the school district.

The trouble: Todd Geraci, 18, had not met the social goals in his individualized education plan. So, the school district said he would be unable to participate in the graduation ceremony unless he wanted to officially graduate and forfeit access to future school services, which he is eligible to receive until age 22.

But Geraci’s mom, Julie Sullivan, felt the choice was unfair and the matter ended up in court. School district officials said they feared allowing a student to participate in graduation before completing all requirements could diminish the significance of the other students’ accomplishment and set a dangerous precedent. Geraci’s attorney argued that since the teen completed all of his academic requirements he should be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

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The court sided with Geraci, granting a court injunction so that the he could participate in the ceremony, though he did not receive a diploma, reports The (Montpelier, Vt.) Times Argus. To read more click here.