It could be possible to test embryos for nearly any inherited disorder using a single test within the next year, British researchers say.

The test uses a type of genetic mapping to identify sections of DNA or chromosomes with problematic genes. It could be used to search for the 15,000 known genetic defects.

Scientists have successfully identified embryos carrying cystic fibrosis using the test. Autism, Huntington’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy are other disorders that a test like this may help to identify in the future.

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The new test is promising for couples using in vitro fertilization as it could help identify embryos with the greatest chance of making it through pregnancy and developing into a healthy child.

However, there are ethical concerns that the test could be unnecessarily used simply to ward off undesired aspects in children. Experts say regulation is the key to preventing concerns about so-called designer babies.

Clinical trials are expected to begin later this year, reports the BBC. To read more click here.

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