A man with autism is set to become the next Susan Boyle.

Scott James is so shy that he didn’t leave his house for seven years, but an astounding singer, he will be one of 50 contestants on the British show X Factor, which is similar to American Idol.

James told the show’s judges — one of whom is American Idol’s Simon Cowell — about his diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. He explained that he hadn’t left his house in seven years but that his singing teachers helped him build confidence. James has performed in clubs near his home in England.

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When James auditioned for X Factor before a live audience he received rousing applause. Many are comparing his unexpected talent to that of Susan Boyle, the middle-aged Scottish woman whose performance on Britain’s Got Talent became a viral sensation on YouTube.

James is currently being stashed away by X Factor producers until the show begins later this month, reports The (London) Daily Mail. To read more click here.