Carly Fleischmann flails her arms, rocks constantly, struggles with tantrums and can’t speak. But at age 11, the girl with autism shocked everyone when she began typing clear thoughts.

The breakthrough came after years of intense therapy, sometimes up to 60 hours a week. No one thought that 11-year-old Carly knew any language. But one day she wasn’t feeling well and rushed to the computer to type the words “hurt” and “help” before throwing up. Stunned, her therapists looked on wondering where Carly learned those words and how she knew to type them.

Soon enough, therapists began expecting Carly to type for whatever she wanted. And within months, a fluency with language came bursting out.

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“I am autistic but that is not who I am,” Carly types. “Take time to know me, before you judge. I am cute, funny and like to have fun.”

Carly also explained why she exhibits behaviors like banging her head. Like a shaken can of coke, she says, she feels like her body is going to explode.

Three years later, at age 14, Carly still needs help with daily living skills and requires significant supervision. At the same time, though, she maintains her own blog and Twitters where she answers other people’s questions about what it’s like to have autism.

Experts warn that Carly’s case is unique and that she benefited from many years of intensive therapy, but it is one example of what is possible, reports ABC News. To read more click here.

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