Increased special education funding generally sounds like a good thing. But some parents are worried that the extra dollars school districts receive under this year’s stimulus bill may have a negative impact long-term.

Under the stimulus bill signed into law in February, the federal government is providing $12.2 billion more in special education funding to school districts across the country. In turn, districts are permitted to scale back the local dollars they spend on special education at a rate of 50 cents for every dollar in federal funding.

Trouble is that the stimulus money comes with an expiration date. And once the federal boost disappears, parents worry that local funding will not necessarily return to the classroom.

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School officials, however, say there is no need to worry since federal law obligates schools to provide services called for in a student’s individualized education plan (IEP) no matter where the money is coming from, reports the Detroit Free Press. To read more click here.

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