Believe it or not, school is here once again. And for students with an individualized education plan (IEP) that means more than putting fresh pencils in a backpack and getting new clothes. Starting off on the right foot is all about a smooth transition from summertime relaxation to school time structure and Disability Scoop has all the tools you need to make it through.

If you’re new to the IEP process or simply needing a refresher, our video The IEP and You is the ultimate IEP primer, taking you through every twist and turn. But as any experienced IEP participant knows, the devil is certainly in the details, which is where our insider guides come in. A special education attorney tells you how to get what you want for your child in IEP Boot Camp. And, in IEPs Inside Out, a top administrator at one of the nation’s largest special education programs gives you a candid look at the process from the school district point of view.

No matter what the IEP says, however, the classroom can be a different story. Our behavior expert, who has autism herself, breaks down the secrets to keeping a student with a disability focused and out of trouble in Behavior, The 800-Pound Gorilla, Holding Your Ground in the Face of Bad Behavior and Creating a Behavior Game Plan. (Hint: consistency is critical!)

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Lastly, our transition expert helps you keep your eyes on the prize. Eventually everyone will become an adult, so now is the time to plan for what will come next. Consider your student’s strengths and weaknesses and build on them both at home and at school with must-have advice in Transition, It’s a Brave New World.

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