An Illinois boy with autism will be allowed to bring his service dog to school with him, at least temporarily, a judge ruled Thursday.

Carter Kalbfleisch, 5, began working with his service dog, Corbin, just a month ago, but already is more focused and less likely to have behavioral problems. But school district administrators recently told the boy’s parents that he would not be able to take the dog to school. So Kalbfleisch’s parents sued the Waterloo, Ill. school district, saying that separating the boy from his dog during the school day would disrupt his therapeutic progress.

A judge sided with the parents Thursday granting a preliminary injunction against the school district. The parents and school district officials will meet Monday to discuss how the dog can be incorporated into the classroom.

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The ruling will allow the dog to go to school with Kalbfleisch until a full court hearing is heard on the matter, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.