A 6-year-old Chicago-area boy with autism was picked up by a school bus for his first day Tuesday, but didn’t make it to his classroom. Instead, he was found wandering alone outside the school on his own three hours later.

Connor Donovan has autism and speaks only a few words. His mother, Laura, put him on his school bus Tuesday morning and was shocked to receive a call hours later saying that another parent found her son wandering alone outside the school.

Apparently, the boy’s bus driver took him and four other special education students to the wrong elementary school before arriving at the correct location in Joliet, Ill. Somehow the other students made it to class, but Connor did not.

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The school superintendent swiftly intervened and apologized to Connor and his family personally. But the boy’s mother remains unnerved and plans to follow her son’s bus to school in the future, reports WGN.

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