Sometimes overstimulation is the key to accomplishment for people with autism. That’s the idea behind an extreme sports camp in Colorado that caters specifically to kids with the disorder.

At the Extreme Sports Camp kids age 5 and older spend a week rock climbing, rafting and waterskiing, among a slew of other outdoor activities. Many campers have limited communication skills. But the staff, which are assigned on a one-to-one ratio, push the kids to the limit to show them that they are capable of far more than they realize.

The idea is that by learning to overcome the struggles presented by scaling a mountain, for example, these kids will learn to maintain better self-control in typical everyday situations when they go home.

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“It’s stimulating, it’s super-intense. And, actually, the more intense it is, the better they are on the other end,” Doug Gilstrap, the head of the camp, told ABC News. For more click here.

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