In-home care services will remain intact for 130,000 Californians, at least for now.

A federal judge ruled Monday to halt $82.1 million worth of cuts to in-home care services for residents who have disabilities or are elderly. The cuts were set to take effect Nov. 1.

In doing so, the judge sided with plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit who said that the state was not using a fair method to determine who should and should not continue to receive in-home assistance with cooking, cleaning and other daily living skills. Cuts were supposed to be made based on a person’s need for care, but in ruling the judge agreed that they state was not applying an appropriate measure.

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Before the ruling Monday, about 36,000 Californians were set to be cut entirely from the in-home care services program while another 97,000 residents expected their services to be scaled back, reports The Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.