If there were a cure for Down syndrome, most parents of children with the disorder aren’t sure they would take advantage of it, according to a recent survey of Canadian parents.

In 27 percent of cases parents said they would not choose to cure their children. Another 32 percent of parents weren’t sure, the research from the University of British Columbia shows. Meanwhile, 41 percent of parents said they would certainly cure their kids.

Parents with the most challenges in caring for their children with the chromosomal disorder were most likely to want to cure their children, researchers say.

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Among those uninterested in a cure were parents concerned about how their child’s personality might change if they didn’t have Down syndrome. Alternatively, parents interested in curing their kids wanted to do so to bring their children increased independence and opportunity.

Meanwhile, the majority of parents said that prenatal testing for Down syndrome is a “good thing” and believed the testing should be available to mothers of all ages.

A cure for Down syndrome may not be too far off. Researchers reported Wednesday that they were able to reverse Down syndrome-like characteristics in mice by using a drug to boost a neurotransmitter in the brain, reports the Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.