Officials at an Illinois school for kids with autism say they are steamed that the village they recently expanded into didn’t tell them that a diesel engine testing site may open close by.

Giant Steps Illinois spent almost $10 million on a new facility in Lisle, Ill. only to learn within a month of opening its doors that engine manufacturer Navistar International wants to build nearby.

Now, school officials say they are worried that diesel fumes could harm students at the school. School representatives say they would not have built the school in the current location if they knew the testing facility would be one of its neighbors.

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But village officials say those at the school knew they were moving into an office research area and that redevelopment of the site Navistar is interested in should be no surprise.

That argument isn’t swaying parents. “These children are extremely vulnerable to environmental issues. It comes down to medical health versus money,” a Giant Steps parent told the (Chicago) Daily Herald. To read more click here.

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