A first of its kind park offering rides, playgrounds and other amusement activities designed specifically for those with special needs is set to open this week in San Antonio, Texas.

The $32 million facility called Morgan’s Wonderland is fully-accessible. One ride, for example, is an off-road adventure where park goers sit in vehicles designed to accommodate wheelchairs while traveling through the twists and turns of rocky terrain.

In addition to rides, the park also includes a sensory village, a lake for fishing and a garden complete with calming music and art. Safety features like wristbands enabled with tracking devices are also available.

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The facility was created by Gordon Hartman, a philanthropist whose daughter, Morgan, has a disability.

“They have an opportunity to do things they’ve never done before, like ride in a swing or a carousel or sit with their family in a train,” Hartman told The Washington Post about the park experience for people with disabilities. To read more click here.

Admission is free for visitors with special needs, but everyone else pays $5. Reservations are required for the park, which opens March 3.