Some Washington, DC residents are questioning how much is too much after learning that a single section of the city houses over 40 percent of its group homes for those with developmental disabilities.

Of 113 group homes in the nation’s capital serving individuals with developmental disabilities, 47 are in an area known as Ward 4, which is located in the city’s northern section. While residents of the community generally support the idea of community inclusion, many say their neighborhoods are over-saturated.

In one case, a woman said she came to peace with the group home next door — where residents are often loud and the police have been called — only to learn that the house on the other side of her was also being turned into a group home.

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Neighbors say they are concerned that group homes often move in with little notice and no communication about who to address concerns with. What’s more, residents worry that neighborhoods filled with the homes cannot meet the intent of community living for anyone involved.

Officials say they are working to bolster communication and are encouraging providers to enhance geographic diversity, reports The Washington Post. To read more click here.

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