As heat waves roll across the country, an on-campus Baskin-Robbins is bringing students at one California school relief by serving up cool treats and job opportunities for students with disabilities.

A non-profit Baskin-Robbins located at Tobinworld — a Glendale, Calif. school for students with autism and emotional disturbance — is the only one of its kind. Two dozen students staff the store, landing jobs scooping up the 31 flavors after filling out applications and going through an interview process.

Everything about Tobinworld’s Baskin-Robbins is true to form, down to the paint color, chairs and tables, with one notable exception. Rather than posting monetary prices for sundaes and milkshakes, there is a token value for each item. That’s because the school’s 300 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade are able to purchase treats with tokens they’ve earned for good behavior and completing schoolwork.

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While students don’t earn a wage for working at the store, they learn valuable social skills, which many have used to land positions at traditional Baskin-Robbins outlets and other venues, reports the Los Angeles Times. To read more click here.