Parents who believe that excess mercury is to blame for their child’s autism are turning to yet another unproven treatment: a cancer drug that causes the body to quit making testosterone and can lead to impotence.

A Maryland medical group that’s treating those with autism using the drug Lupron says the medication helps remove mercury from the body while also cutting down on aggression and sexual behaviors. Dr. Mark Geier says he’s used the drug with hundreds of kids who have autism at nine centers he runs in eight states.

Parents of one 18-year-old in Florida who has limited speech and social skills say they are trying Lupron injections after struggling to manage the teen’s aggression and tendencies to touch himself inappropriately in public. After six weeks they say they have seen improvement.

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However, many medical experts are questioning the claims, saying that there’s no reason to suggest a link between autism and mercury and that there is no proof that Lupron would help remove excessive amounts of mercury from the body. What’s more they are highlighting the risks that Lupron can bring patients including heart problems, stunted growth and impotence, reports the (Fort Lauderdale) Sun Sentinel. To read more click here.

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