After repeatedly mocking New York Gov. David Paterson for being blind, “Saturday Night Live” used the governor’s appearance on the show’s season premiere Saturday to make amends.

During the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, the real Paterson made an appearance to take some jabs at Fred Armisen’s impression of him and set the record straight.

“While I have a good sense of humor, jokes that degrade people just for their disabilities are sophomoric and stupid,” Paterson said before rattling off a litany of his accomplishments.

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“Governor, we are really sorry,” responded former cast member Amy Poehler, who served as Saturday’s guest host. Cast member Seth Meyers echoed the sentiment saying, “I think I speak for everyone here that we’ll be more respectful of the blind.”

For nearly two years, SNL has portrayed Paterson, who is legally blind, as aloof and incapable. Before appearing on the NBC show Saturday, Paterson had spoken out several times saying that the show’s criticism of him as a result of his disability served only to belittle what people with disabilities are capable of.

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