Los Angeles and South Africa are the final locations in the running to host thousands of Special Olympics athletes in 2015 for the organization’s world games.

Alternating winter and summer games are held every two years in locations around the globe. This summer athletes will compete in Athens, Greece and in 2013 winter games will be held in South Korea.

Holding the 2015 games in South Africa “has great potential to impact the entire African community well beyond the borders of South Africa,” Special Olympics officials said in a release announcing the location finalists.

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Meanwhile, Los Angeles, which hosted the Special Olympics in 1972, brings strong support from the community, including leaders in the sports world, the organization says.

“Both bids feature outstanding leadership, a rich tradition in hosting global events, world class venues and unique possibilities for Special Olympics athletes to demonstrate to the world their extraordinary talents,” said Donna De Varona, co-chair of the Special Olympics Games Committee and an Olympic gold medalist.

A final decision on the location for the 2015 games is expected in May.