Actress Claire Danes won a Golden Globe for best actress in a television movie Sunday night for her portrayal of autism self-advocate Temple Grandin in a biopic of the same name.

The film, which premiered on HBO last February, was nominated for three awards including best mini-series or television movie.

In accepting the best actress award, Danes thanked Grandin who was in attendance at the Golden Globes dressed in her signature western attire.

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“It’s just so special to be here with Temple tonight,” Danes said. “I have to thank Temple. She’s still at it. She’s still working with incredible zeal and devotion to illuminate mysteries about autism and animal behavior and I have to thank you on behalf of the literally millions of lives who have been dignified and improved by your genius.”

Grandin is well-known for writing and lecturing extensively about her experiences as a person with autism. She is also acclaimed for her work designing humane animal-handling facilities.

The film “Temple Grandin” depicts Grandin’s experience growing up with autism and shows how she thinks in pictures.

In a conversation with Disability Scoop last year, Grandin praised Danes’ portrayal.

“If you left off the title credits, no one would ever know that was Claire Danes. That’s how much she became me. It was like a weird time machine,” Grandin said.

“Temple Grandin” previously won seven Emmy awards.

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