A national campaign launching this week is designed to help people with and without disabilities better understand accessibility.

The web-based campaign dubbed “what is WRONG with these pictures?” will be promoted on social media websites and through a series of print advertisements directing people to participate in an online game to test their knowledge of accessibility issues.

Using pictures of common situations — such as stairs that prevent access to a building or a round doorknob that may be difficult for some to open — the game asks people to determine the accessibility problem at hand.

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“One in five people in the United States have a disability, yet there is still a great lack of awareness when it comes to what exactly is accessible and what is not,” says Leah Maddox, a communications and outreach associate at the The Equal Rights Center, a national civil rights group which is behind the campaign.

In addition to the game, the website also includes toolkits to help people advocate for disability rights and anecdotes from individuals with disabilities talking about accessibility issues they’ve faced.