A doctor who’s nationally known for using a chemical castration drug to treat kids with autism has had his Maryland medical license suspended amid allegations that his methods endanger children.

Dr. Mark Geier has said that he’s used the drug Lupron to treat hundreds of kids with autism. He says the medication removes mercury from the body and reduces aggression and sexual behaviors.

But the Maryland Board of Physicians found that Geier’s approach was unfounded by scientific evidence and could put children at serious risk. Moreover, the board indicated that Geier misrepresented his medical expertise, made errors in diagnosing children and encouraged parents to pursue treatments without sharing all of the risks.

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As a result, they suspended his medical license in late April. Now the doctor cannot practice in Maryland while an investigation continues.

Despite the board’s decision, however, Geier is still licensed to practice in 10 other states, reports the Chicago Tribune. To read more click here.

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