A group of parents is accusing the Philadelphia schools of illegally shuffling kids with disabilities from one school to another. Now, they’re taking their case to federal court.

Under a Philadelphia School District policy, all students with autism are routinely moved to new schools after third and fifth grade. That’s because the district’s autism support classes are only available at select schools, none of which have the special classes for all grade levels.

The four parents who are filing a federal lawsuit this week say the automatic transfers are illegal because students without autism are not forced to change schools.

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Moreover, they say that frequently switching schools is particularly tough for children with autism who don’t take kindly to changes in routine.

The plaintiffs want their children to be able to remain at their current schools with continued levels of support. They estimate that more than 3,000 students are likely impacted by the current transfer policy, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. To read more click here.

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