A New York man with special needs is taking action after he says he was denied a job with the Transportation Security Administration because of his disability.

Michael Costantino, 32, applied to work as a security officer for the TSA, but says he was turned down after undergoing a physical exam.

The reason: he was born with only one hand.

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Costantino says that TSA officials passed him up for employment without even testing to determine if he could handle the tasks of the job — which involves patting-down air passengers and screening luggage.

Now, Costantino has retained a lawyer who’s filing complaints with the TSA and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and alleges that the agency “made an assumption” about Costantino’s ability to do the job.

TSA officials are largely keeping mum about the case, but say that they do have the right under federal law to require security officers to “meet certain physical standards,” reports MSNBC. To read more click here.