Weeks after claiming their 3-year-old was rejected for a kidney transplant because she has an intellectual disability, a New Jersey couple said the transplant may go through after all.

Chrissy and Joseph Rivera said in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer this week that doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are now considering a transplant for their daughter, Amelia.

Earlier this month, Chrissy Rivera wrote in a blog post that a doctor at the Philadelphia hospital told the family that a transplant would not be possible because the girl is “mentally retarded.” Amelia was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome that’s marked by the presence of intellectual disability, developmental delay, seizures and distinct facial characteristics.

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Rivera’s post went viral and more than 37,000 people have signed an online petition asking the hospital to rethink the decision.

On Friday, the Riveras met with hospital officials. While they don’t know yet if Amelia will be deemed medically eligible for a transplant, the couple indicated they were given instructions on how family members could be tested to find a donor match.

“As of now, we’re taking this as a positive sign,” Chrissy Rivera told the Inquirer.

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