A British actress with Down syndrome who appears on a popular BBC show is attracting acclaim from viewers around the world.

Sarah Gordy, 30, plays Lady Pamela Holland on the drama “Upstairs Downstairs.” The 1930s-era show focuses on a wealthy London family and their servants.

Gordy’s character is positioned as the sister of one of the show’s leading men who spent years in a mental institution because of the stigma associated with Down syndrome at that time.

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The actress says she appreciates the platform the role has given her to show the public what those with Down syndrome are capable of.

“I get a lot of messages from people in America who are fascinated by this character and her experiences. It seems like I’ve become a bit of a pin-up girl for Down’s syndrome,” Gordy told The Argus, a British newspaper.

The hit show has aired in the United States on PBS.

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