David Andrews has Down syndrome, but when his high school basketball team gave him a chance to play, they found out he really is good at shooting hoops.

Andrews started off the season as a bench warmer for his team at Germantown High School outside Memphis, Tenn. But when the team was up substantially during one game, the coach put him in and found out what a gold mine Andrews had to offer.

The teen made shot after shot. Andrews’ specialty is the three-pointer, which he makes 40 percent of the time, an average that’s better than that of NBA star LeBron James.

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Andrews soon won a spot as a starter for the team, helping them clinch a county championship this season and gaining the admiration of his teammates who call him an inspiration. His story is even drawing comparisons to the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin who up until recently was a bench warmer before becoming an instant sensation.

“Our team went 22 and 1 and won the county championship and that’s all great, but keeping David on my team was the best decision I’ve made all year,” Andrews’ coach told ABC News.

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