After two years using a walker, a Texas school district is ordering a 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy back into her wheelchair. Now, the girl’s mother is fighting back.

Kristi Roberts says she was stunned when officials from the New Caney Independent School District said her daughter LaKay could no longer use her walker at school. Instead, educators at the district want the girl to use a wheelchair, something Roberts says would reverse years of progress the girl has made.

The reason: school officials said they became worried about the girl’s safety using the walker after she fell in the parking lot while she was with her mother.

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Roberts isn’t taking the news lying down, however. She captured a conversation with a school official on tape and uploaded the recording to YouTube where it has racked up more than 40,000 views. During the encounter, the school official insists that it’s not safe for LaKay to use the walker and urges Roberts to go to court if she feels otherwise.

“If she can walk now, please let her walk,” Roberts told NBC News. “Don’t strap her in a wheelchair. We’ve worked so hard. She has worked so hard.” To read more click here.

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