Three months after being arrested on Capitol Hill for demonstrating against proposed cuts to Medicaid, actor Noah Wyle says he’s glad he took a stand in support of people with disabilities.

In a recent appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Wyle said he promised a long-time friend that he would participate in the Medicaid protest and he doesn’t regret it.

“It was a good fight to fight and I was really glad I did it,” Wyle told Fallon.

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Wyle spent some 12 hours in police custody in what he called “holding cells” underneath the congressional office building where he and dozens of other disability rights activists were arrested at the April protest organized by ADAPT.

“We were lined up against the wall. We were handcuffed. We were held for a good 12 hours,” Wyle said, indicating that police took the arrests very seriously. “I’m still not allowed now in a certain part of downtown Washington, D.C.”

The action did get Wyle props, however, from fellow actor and activist George Clooney.

“(Clooney) texted and offered me bail money and said let’s get together and swap yard stories,” Wyle said.

Best known for appearing on NBC’s “ER,” Wyle appeared on Fallon’s show to promote his current television series, “Falling Skies” on TNT.