A growing number of parents frustrated by school district bureaucracy are opting to forgo public education altogether for their children with disabilities.

In Texas, there was a 75 percent increase between 2003 and 2010 in the number of special education students in middle school and high school who left public classrooms for private ones, statistics show. Meanwhile, other families are saying goodbye to districts in favor of home schooling their kids with special needs.

Though the reasons families are fleeing the traditional special education system vary, most say they are sick of fighting to secure services they believe their kids need.

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For Leslie Phillips, choosing a $30,000-per-year private school for her son with autism came down to assessing where her resources could be best allocated. Phillips said she preferred to pay tuition rather than employ lawyers to fight her Katy, Texas school district, especially after her son came home with unexplained bruises, reports the Houston Chronicle. To read more click here.