With the addition of a new character on Fox’s “Glee” this season, the number of actors on television with Down syndrome is on the rise.

The season premiere of the high school drama Thursday included the introduction of cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester’s new baby, Robin, played by Jordyn Orr, who has Down syndrome.

The young child is the third character with the chromosomal disorder to be featured on “Glee.” The show continues to include high school cheerleader Becky and previously said goodbye to Sue’s sister, Jean, who had Down syndrome and developed Alzheimer’s disease.

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In addition to “Glee,” this year actors with Down syndrome are also expected to appear on “Shameless,” “American Horror Story,” “Blue Bloods,” “Legit” and “The New Normal.”

Advocates for those with Down syndrome say the increased presence on TV is a major win for everyone with the disorder, boosting awareness and helping people see beyond stereotypes, reports ABC News. To read more click here.

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