As they prepare for their wedding, a New York couple with special needs is headed to court to fight for the opportunity to live together once they become husband and wife.

Paul Forziano and Hava Samuels are getting married this weekend. But the couple — who live in separate group homes three miles apart in Manorville, N.Y. — don’t know if they will be able to live together even after exchanging wedding vows.

A lawyer for Forziano and Samuels says that administrators at the group homes where the two currently live have said they will not allow the couple to move in together after their nuptials.

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Now the couple and their families have filed a federal lawsuit. At the very least, their attorney is asking the court to require that the group homes allow Forziano and Samuels to spend more time together during the day and evenings while their case proceeds.

“They just have a business model. They want to spend their money certain ways and if it doesn’t fit, well then the individuals lose out,” the bride’s father, Norman Samuels, told News 12 Long Island about the group homes. To read more click here.

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