A nonprofit that claims to help send kids with special needs to camp is one of two groups purporting to aid those with disabilities making a list of the nation’s 50 worst charities.

The American Foundation For Disabled Children came in at number 23 on a list of bad charities compiled by the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting. Another group claiming to help people who are deaf and blind live independently ranked 32.

For the analysis, the news organizations combed through public records, flagging nonprofits with questionable spending.

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In the case of the American Foundation For Disabled Children, the investigation found that the New York-based group took in $16.4 million in the last decade, of which $13.4 million went to solicitors collecting donations on their behalf. Less than 1 percent of the funds donated went to children, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the news organizations found that the American Association of the Deaf & Blind stopped using professional fundraisers in 2010. But in the 10 years prior, the group took in $10.3 million of which less than $8,000 was spent to help the people at the heart of its mission.

Officials with both charities did not respond to inquiries from the reporters.