A company working to develop a blood test to identify children with autism is getting some major backing from Google Ventures.

SynapDx Corporation said that Google Ventures — the venture capital investment arm of Internet-giant Google — led its latest funding round which secured $15.4 million for the company.

Currently, SynapDx is conducting a 20-site study of its blood-based test which is designed to help doctors spot children with autism at younger ages. If successful, the test which relies on RNA gene expression to assess autism risk, would be the first-of-its-kind.

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“SynapDx’s use of advanced technologies and multiple analytes to generate the most informative blood test possible is a great example of the type of industry-altering innovation we look for at Google Ventures,” said Krishna Yeshwant, a general partner at Google Ventures, in a statement.

Previous research on the blood test found that it may be able to detect about two-thirds of those with autism, potentially allowing kids to enroll in early intervention programs before symptoms are apparent.

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