A new documentary set to premiere on PBS takes a look at life with autism from the perspective of those with the developmental disorder.

The film, “Neurotypical,” looks at individuals with autism at different stages of life. It focuses on Violet, 4, who is struggling to communicate, a teenager named Nicholas who is shy and has trouble relating to girls and Paula, a wife and mother who received a diagnosis as an adult after reading about the condition.

The documentary addresses the challenges that all three — along with others who have autism — face in adjusting to a world designed for typically developing individuals. In candid moments, the film’s subjects share their secrets for overcoming challenging situations like making small talk.

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“I began to feel a growing rebellion against what I saw as society’s double standard — either a pervasive need to make people into a rendition of something ‘normal,’ or a tendency to sensationalize the extremes of autism,” said Adam Larsen, the film’s director. “I grew determined to make a film from the viewpoint of autistics.”

“Neurotypical” will have its national broadcast debut Monday at 10 p.m. ET on the POV series on PBS.

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