There are countless emojis available, but only one depicting disability. Now, a group of advocates is looking to change that.

The London-based disability advocacy group Scope has created a series of 18 new emojis portraying people with a range of abilities.

The icons include people in wheelchairs, individuals with prostheses, a guide dog, those with hearing impairment and other disabilities engaging in a variety of activities.

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What’s more, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games just around the corner, several of the emojis depict athletes with various special needs.

“Emojis offer a colorful array of more than 1,800 characters to help sum up how you’re feeling. So it’s disappointing that disabled people are represented with just one emoji — the wheelchair user sign,” said Rosemary Frazer, campaigns manager at Scope who uses a wheelchair herself.

“This one symbol can’t represent me and the disabled people I know. To truly represent the world we live in, disabled people should be included in a way that reflects the diversity of our lives,” she said.

The icons developed by Scope are freely available to download and share.

Officials with Scope said they hope their designs will encourage the Unicode Consortium — the organization that standardizes emojis — to release icons representing people with disabilities.

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