In a first, a new comic book debuting this summer will feature a superhero with an extra 21st chromosome.

Comic book publisher Lion Forge said they will introduce a character named Jonah, a teenage boy with Down syndrome, in a new series called “Superb.”

The move to include a superhero with a developmental disability comes as part of Lion Forge’s pledge to provide “comics for everyone.”

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The story “features young adults finding out what it means to be a hero,” said Sara Hart Weir, president of the National Down Syndrome Society.

The nonprofit partnered with Lion Forge on the new series “in order to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome are properly represented,” Weir said. “We look forward to sharing Jonah’s adventures … to encourage the value, acceptance and inclusion of the superheroes we know exist within all people with Down syndrome.”

“Superb,” which is part of Lion Forge’s “Catalyst Prime” lineup, will be released July 19.

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