Microsoft is touting one of its latest adaptive offerings with a national television advertisement featuring a boy with a disability and his friends.

The one-minute spot dubbed “Reindeer Games” shows kids running through a snow-filled neighborhood racing to see their friend Owen, 9, defeat a video game using Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Owen has Escobar Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that leaves him with some physical challenges that make using a typical game controller difficult, according to his family.

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Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller earlier this year. The $99.99 device is designed to enable gamers with disabilities to play with whatever abilities they have through their hands, feet, mouth, head or otherwise.

“What I like about the adaptive controller is no matter how your body is or how fast you are, you can play,” Owen said.

Microsoft indicated that it worked with its internal accessibility team and an Americans with Disabilities Act expert to ensure an authentic portrayal in the commercial featuring Owen and his real-life best friend Gunnar.

The advertisement will air on broadcast TV until Christmas Day, Microsoft said.

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