A documentary following the lives of five people with autism who are on the cusp of adulthood is headed to television.

The film “Autism: The Sequel” examines how a group of young adults on the spectrum who have varying abilities are faring as 20-somethings.

All of those featured appeared in the 2007 HBO documentary “Autism: The Musical,” an Emmy-award winning film that centered on a group of children with autism who wrote and performed their own musical.

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The current 40-minute film incorporates new interviews and footage taken 12 years ago.

The documentary finds its subjects Neal, Wyatt, Lexi, Henry and Adam at various points.

Henry is virtually self-sufficient, living alone and working toward a degree in film and television studies. Similarly, Wyatt has moved into a college dorm. And, Adam has relocated across the country to pursue his cello studies with the help of his mother who moved to support him.

Lexi, meanwhile, lives in a group home and enjoys singing lessons while Neal works on a farm and, despite struggles with speech, has seen improvements in communication.

“Autism: The Sequel” will air April 28 on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.