A new documentary series is taking an intimate look at the experiences of people with autism in the dating world.

Netflix is set to premiere a five-part series this month called “Love on the Spectrum” that follows seven young adults with the developmental disorder as they embark on dating for the first time.

“As well as help from their families, experts provide our love-seekers with practical skills to help them navigate what can be a confusing experience for anyone, giving them the confidence to begin their journey on the road to finding love,” Netflix said of the series.

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In addition to the singles, the show also features two existing couples, Ruth and Thomas who are engaged and Jimmy and Sharnae who have known each other for three years.

“Most people on the spectrum have the same desire for intimacy and companionship as the rest of the population, yet difficulties in social interaction and communication are a key feature of autism, which makes finding a partner an often daunting and difficult experience,” according to Netflix. “This uplifting and insightful series celebrates diversity and difference, with participants who are warm, funny and generously open. It sets out to teach us all lessons of love, romance, intimacy and acceptance.”

The series originally aired in Australia last fall.

“Love on the Spectrum” will be available starting July 22 on Netflix.

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