Life with autism is an uphill battle fraught with limited supports and financial worries, according to a new report from Easter Seals. In a survey of 2,500 parents, some whose children have autism and some whose children are typically developing, the organization finds that parents of those with autism are far more concerned about the future of their children.

Among young adults ages 19 to 30 who have autism, the report says that 80 percent live with their parents. Just about 20 percent of individuals with autism over age 16 are employed. And individuals with the disorder are far less likely to have bank accounts, credit cards, cell phones or MP3 players than their typically developing counterparts, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Meanwhile, parents of individuals with autism worry both about their children’s prospects of fitting into society and about their own financial future. Across the board parents whose children have autism are not optimistic about their children’s abilities to make life decisions, make friends, have a spouse or about their chances of being valued by the community. Many indicate that they’re “financially drowning.” To read more click here and here.

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