A theme park centered on the world of “Sesame Street” is taking new steps to be more welcoming to kids with disabilities.

Sesame Place Philadelphia will host “Low Sensory Days” this summer for the first time.

During the designated days the park will alter certain high-sensory experiences to make them calmer, officials said.

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Visitors will have the chance to dine with Elmo and friends at 9:30 a.m. with a lower volume level and the opportunity to interact with a character. And, a 12:15 p.m. showing of “Welcome to the Party!” at Abby’s Paradise Theater will feature a reduced volume level and fewer audiovisual effects.

While everyone is welcome for both events, officials said they are being tailored to meet the needs of individuals with autism and sensory sensitivities.

The sensory-friendly days represent the theme park’s latest effort to be more inclusive. In 2018, Sesame Place Philadelphia became the first theme park in the world to be designated as a Certified Autism Center meaning that staff are specially trained to accommodate those with autism. The park also features a low-sensory room, offers noise-cancelling headphones and low-sensory parade viewing, among other accommodations.

Low Sensory Days will take place June 9 and June 23 at Sesame Place Philadelphia.

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