Television network executives say they will bring back two shows that prominently feature actors who have developmental disabilities.

ABC indicated late last month that it will renew “Stumptown” for a second season.

The hourlong drama centers on Dex Parios, a Marine veteran who’s working as a private investigator in Portland, Ore. and caring for her brother, Ansel, who has Down syndrome.

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Cole Sibus, who has the chromosomal disorder himself, plays Ansel, a young adult who works at a bar and is seeking independence by moving out, learning to drive and pursuing a love interest.

The show is scheduled to be part of ABC’s 2020–2021 season, but no premiere date has been announced.

Meanwhile, the cable network Freeform has given the green light to a second season of “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.”

The half-hour comedy finds 20-something Nicholas thrust into caring for his two teenage half-sisters — one of whom has autism — after the death of their father.

Kayla Cromer, who herself is on the spectrum, stars as Matilda, the sister with autism.

The second season of “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” will air in 2021, Freeform said.