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Health & Behavior

‘Wrap-Around’ Model Helps Prevent Behavioral Hospitalizations

With house calls addressing medical and social issues, a unique team is helping families of those with developmental disabilities reduce hospitalizations, ER visits and overall distress.

July 24, 2018

Agencies Ramp Up Efforts To Attract Direct Support Professionals

Agencies serving people with disabilities say they are embracing various initiatives — from recruitment campaigns to longevity pay and an emphasis on emotional rewards — to attract workers.

July 24, 2018

Kids Endure Long Waits For Needed Medical Equipment

In the nation's most populous state, some children with disabilities wait more than a year for wheelchairs, bath benches, commodes, specialized crutches and other crucial medical equipment.

July 20, 2018

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Senate Approves Delay Of Caregiver Check-In Mandate

Legislation is now headed to President Trump that would delay the start of a controversial program to track when personal care services are provided to people with disabilities.

July 19, 2018
Pediatrician exam

Study: Most Kids Still Aren’t Screened For Developmental Delays

It's recommended that all young children be regularly screened for developmental delays, but new research finds that's not happening with fewer than 1 in 5 kids in some areas being evaluated.

July 12, 2018

Judge Allows Electric Shocks On Those With Disabilities To Continue

Children and adults with disabilities can continue to receive electric shocks, a judge has ruled, even as federal regulators mull banning the controversial behavior modification technique.

July 10, 2018

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Computer class

Virtual World May Help Those With Autism Sharpen Social Skills

A 28-year-old with autism is using his personal experience to design a virtual world aimed at helping others on the spectrum improve their social skills.

July 9, 2018

Feds Urge Steps To Make Group Homes Safer

Five months after a scathing report found that injuries and even deaths of those with developmental disabilities living in group homes often go overlooked, federal officials are responding.

June 29, 2018

Is Autism Linked To Food Allergies?

A new study finds that food allergies are far more common in those with autism, but researchers are still trying to discover how and why.

June 29, 2018

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Fearing Deportation, Parents Declining Benefits For Kids With Disabilities

Advocates say many immigrant families, nervous about a higher degree of scrutiny in applications, are dropping Medicaid and other benefits for their citizen children with disabilities.

June 26, 2018
Marijuana plant

FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Drug To Treat Severe Epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration is approving a marijuana-based medication to treat two rare seizure conditions associated with developmental issues.

June 26, 2018

Study Affirms Prospect Of Autism Blood Test

New research is offering stronger proof that a blood test may be able to accurately predict whether or not a child has autism.

June 22, 2018

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